Storytelling in Spanish and Portuguese at Oodi for all families

Ninho’s traditional Spanish and Portuguese storytelling marathon returned to Oodi Library this November, with a delightful event that engaged over 60 people. For 2 hours, families had the opportunity to enjoy together more than 10 stories. 

Additionally, we were fortunate to have exceptional storytellers who didn’t want to miss the chance to read beautiful and amusing stories, representative of contemporary Ibero-American children’s literature. 

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Leemos Juntos: Storytelling in Spanish:

  • Argentina: El cangrejo Matías, Álvaro Colomer, illustrated by Gusti. Storyteller: Ambassador of Argentina, Sergio Bahur. 
  • Chile: Azulada, Carol Neumann, illustrated by Pili Parro. Storytellers from the Embassy of Chile: Cultural Assistant, Patricia Bravo-Oksa, and Charge d’Affairs, Jorge Castro.    
  • Colombia: La historia verde, Sergio Augusto Sánchez and Manuel García Plata. Storytellers of Colombia: Ambassador Álvaro Sandoval Bernal, and his spouse, Mrs. Ángela Cordero Suárez. We also were so lucky to have Sergio Augusto Sánchez, the writer of the book, in the audience.  
  • Cuba: Cuba read 3 fragments of the book El país de los miedos, written by Jorge Luis Peña and illustrated by Edel Rodríguez Molano. Storyteller: Ambassador of Cuba, Beatriz Parra González.   
  • Mexico: Regalo sorpresa, Isol. Storyteller: Ambassador of Mexico, Enrique Rojo Stein. 
  • Perú: Dónde está Tomás, Micaela Chirif, illustrated by Leire Salaberria. Storyteller: Head of Consular Section, José Farro. 
  • Spain: Oso y Ratón, Mar Benegas, illustrated by Cinta Villalobos. Vivan las uñas de colores, Alicia Acosta and Luis Amavisca, illustrated by Gusti. Storyteller from the Embassy of Spain: Head of Culture Department, Ana Fernández-Treguerres. 

On behalf of our association Ninho, we had the participation of our Mexican colleague, Alicia Sevilla, who entertained both adults and children with songs and the story Una caja, by Rodrigo Mattioli.  

At Ninho, we deeply regret that the team from the Embassy of Uruguay couldn’t ultimately participate, due to health reasons.

Lemos Juntos – Storytelling in Portuguese:

Diego Barros, during his storytime in Lemos Juntos program.
  • Embassy of Portugal: A princesa e a serpente, António Mota, illustrated by Júlio Vanzeler. Storyteller: Chefe de Missão Adjunto, Rúben Guedes Dias. 
  • APPF – Associação de Professores de Português na Finlândia: Dez brilhantes Flocos de Neve, Russel Julian. Storyteller: Patricia Ribeiro.  
  • Abrigos, Adélia Carvalho, illustrated by Maria Remédio. Storyteller: Sofia Santos.  
  • Instituto Guimarães Rosa Helsinque (part of the Embassy of Brazil): Julinha Relógio, Sérgio Vale. Storyteller: Diego Barros, head of IGR – Helsinque.  

These storytelling marathons in Spanish and Portuguese were a production of Kulttuurikeskus Ninho in cooperation with Oodi, the Embassies of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, and Spain, the Instituto Guimarães Rosa Helsinque (Embassy of Brazil), and the Associação de Professores de Português na Finlândia. Big thanks to all!

Find these books in Helmet 

Many of the books are part of the titles donated in 2023 by the Embassies to Kulttuurikeskus Ninho’s Program for Strengthening the Collection of Children’s Literature in Spanish and Portuguese at Helmet public libraries. 

In its 9th edition this 2023, 119 books have been donated, thanks to the participation of the Embassies of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Portugal, and Uruguay.  

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If you are part of an association, publishing house, or have books in good condition in Spanish and Portuguese, remember that you can contribute as well! 

You can donate new books to Ninho’s Book Donation Program and help more children enjoy many stories in their heritage language. Also, if you have second-hand books in good condition, you can donate them to the Spanish and Portuguese Children’s Book Fair that we celebrate every year, coinciding with Kolibrí Festivaali. 

Write to us at and help Ninho continue its work! 


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