Free events for families to celebrate Helsinki-päivä

On 12.6.2024, Helsinki will celebrate its traditional Helsinki-päivä. This year, the city celebrates its 474th birthday with nearly 180 activities localised downtown and in many neighborhoods. If you want to join the party, don’t miss these free events for families on Helsinki-päivä. Concerts, workshops, theatre, exhibitions, and many other free activities to enjoy with your children!

Have lunch or dinner outside:

  • The traditional Dinner under the Sky in Pohjoisesplanadi is a great opportunity for families to enjoy the summer in the city. Take your food, drinks, good energy, and enjoy a friendly dinner with other neighbours!

Dinner starts at 8 pm, and you need to registre here. Registrations are for groups of no more than 8 people.

  • Also, if you love picnics, you can join with your family and friends the Blanket picnic in Kluuvi Park. You will also enjoy live music.

📌 Kluuvi Park in Kulosaari: Vanha kelkkamäki 22, Helsinki | 6 – 8 pm | More info

  • If you have passion for Indonesian and vegan food, don’t miss the Indonesian community at Karhupuisto!

📌 Viides linja, Helsinki | 11 am – 7 pm

  • Enjoy African food: AFAES ry will facilitate several food workshops for adults and parents with 1 child aged 9-16 years old.

📌 Pulttitie 16 A 32, Helsinki | 10 am – 12 pm | Registrations in advance.

Free activities for families on Helsinki-päivä at cultural centres:

Helsinki cultural centres have organised a special program for Helsinki-päivä with theatre, workshops and music as main activities. Take a look!

Helsinki-päivä for families at Annantalo:

Street art in the front yard, performances and a hip-hop open mic in the back yard, concerts, art workshops, poems, mycelium, dance and mime theatre, exhibitions…

📌 Annankatu 30, Helsinki | 9:30 am – 8 pm | Free entrance | More info.

Helsinki-päivä for families at Kanneltalo:

Sitratori square will celebrate Helsinki-päivä with the Race Horse Company circus, Aarno Paakkari’s performance, a tote bag and art workshops, and dance performances.

On this special day, the neighbourhood will unveil the new murals of the square, inspired by neighbours’ ideas and painted by Helsinki Urban Art.

📌 Klaneettitie 5, Helsinki | 3 – 7:30 pm | Free entrance | More info.

Helsinki-päivä for families at Malmitalo:

The centre’s back yard will be the perfect spot to celebrate Helsinki-päivä with the music of Stig, Mimmit, Finnish Aroque Orchestra, touko and Finlanders.

In the park side, you’ll find recycling, tie-dyeing and drawing workshops.

📌 Malmitalo: Ala-Malmin puisto, Helsinki | 11 am – 10 pm | Free entrance | More info.

Helsinki-päivä for families at Maunula-talo:

If you like folk music Maunula is your neighbourhood for Helsinki-päivä! Don’t miss Maija Kauhanen’s kantele concert, and lyre player and singer-songwriter Minsku Tammela with her band.

📌 Maunula-talo: Metsäpurontie 4, Helsinki | 6 pm – 8.30 pm | Free entrance | More info.

Helsinki-päivä for families at Stoa:

Itäkeskus will celebrate Helsinki Päivä at Stoan aukio with an amazing musical program. Marko Haavisto & Poutahaukat, Emilia Sisco & Northern Lights, and rap artist, Hassan Maikal.

Sirkus Magenta will facilitate circus workshops for participants of all ages at Itis shopping centre (2 – 4 pm).

📌 Stoan aukio: Turunlinnantie 1, Helsinki | 5 pm – 8.15 pm | Free entrance | More info.

Helsinki-päivä for families at Vuotalo:

Vuotori will be the place where families will celebrate Helsinki-päivä with puppet theatre in English (10 am – 12 pm), thanks to Jo’s Punch & Judy Show, and the show of TV characters Mimi and Kuku (2 pm). Also, local businesses and associations will showcase more activities for families. The Finnish indie band Arppa will close the program at 6 pm.

Remember you can also enjoy the art exhibition ‘Rohkeudella (With Courage)’, by Helsinki Art School’s graduates.

📌 Vuotori: Mosaiikkitori 2, Helsinki | 10 am – 7 pm | Free entrance | More info.

X OstariFestari in Kontula for families:

The traditional OstariFestari festival celebrates its 10th edition in Kontula-aukio Square on Helsinki-päivä. The program includes dance and crafts sessions, a communal Helsinki text chain and interesting readings from a Helsinki-themed book exhibition that you can borrow. You can also get free ice cream at 3 pm.

📌 Kontula-aukio Square: Ostostie 4, Helsinki. | 3 – 5 pm | Free entrance.

Remember most of the city museums will have free access during this day and you’ll find other free art exhibitions to enjoy.

Find more free activities for families on Helsinki-päivä at, by selecting the different category filters. Have fun!

And remember you can find more fun free activities for your children with Kulttuurikeskus Ninho. Visit your Events page!

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