Ninho’s Programs and Projects


Art & Science for Everybody


We produce and organize multicultural events, performances and experiences in which Art and Science offer children and their families possibilities to practice diversity and multilingualism. Kolibrí Festivaali is our flagship project.

Diversifying Children’s Culture in Finland


We do advocacy work, consultancy and event production for institutions dealing with children’s culture in Finland, supporting them in diversifying their programme; to that end we work closely with libraries and cultural centers. We also work to enrich Finnish libraries’ stock of illustrated books for children, by e.g.: increasing the amount of titles available in Spanish and Portuguese languages.

Platform and Exchange Program for Professional Artists, Cultural Workers and Researchers


We promote artists and scientists with different backgrounds and origins interested in sharing their work with a multicultural, plurilingual and intergenerational family audience. We facilitate an exchange program between local, multicultural and international artists working around children’s culture. Our most successful activities involve exchanges with writers, illustrators, and graphic designers in the field of children’s literature. We are also active in showcasing the work of underrepresented local  artists and scientists of multicultural backgrounds.

In 2016 we brought Isol Misenta (ARG) in 2017 Isidro Ferrer (ESP) in 2018 Yara Kono (BRA/PO) in 2019 we brought the work of Vicar (CHI) and in 2021  Paloma Valdivia (CHI)

Supporting plurilingual families and sharing information with the luso/iberoamerican community


Our work supports immigrant and locals raising plurilingual children with particular focus  and connections with those communities who speak Spanish and Portuguese  in Finland, but we are open to connections with other language groups. We are interested in plurilinguism and diversity from many angles.

Active Projects

Kolibrí Festivaali

Kolibrí Festivaali ( is a multidisciplinary and multicultural, free and open art festival for children and their families. The Festival invites artists, scientists, and cultural activists of different backgrounds and origins, to make up an intergenerational and plurilingual program with no counterpart in the Nordic region. The project is funded by Ninho, TAIKE, SKF, Iberoamerican embassies, Helsinki city and others


A holistic program to support and develop plurilingual families’ reading practices in heritage languages. The project is funded by Helsinki City integration grants and Ninho. Read more


Picnic is a series of weekly meetings happening during 2022 for families with small babies and for the whole family. Picnic is planned for Spanish and Portuguese-speaker families. Read more

Kolibri Books

 A new and second hand market of children’s literature, picture books and reading material in spanish, portuguese and english. The fair is usually arranged in conjunction with Kolibri Festivaali and as pop-up events to raise funds for the association. This project is funded by Ninho. We accept book donations!


A collection of cultural resources for the plurilingual childhood in four languages (ESP/PT/FI/SE). This  idea bank contains trends, activities and events which are mainly related to children’s literature, music, arts, sciences and other challenging ideas that families can make and enjoy at home. The project is funded by Ninho and TAIKE Read more

Children’s culture diversity network in Finland

A peer-to-peer informal network to connect actors working for a more diverse culture for children. Join the mailing list!

Building spaces of encounter

A project to spread the Kolibri model as tool for intercultural dialogue and integration. We want to support other communities to build safe and diverse spaces of encounter through culture and art; while supporting children, plurilingual families and diverse artists. The project has been funded by Moniheli, Svenska Kultuur fonden and Ninho

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