1. Art & Science for Everybody

We produce and organize multicultural events, performances and experiences in which Art and Science offer children and their families possibilities to practice diversity and multilingualism. Kolibrí Festivaali is our flagship project.

2. Diversifying Children’s Culture in Finland

We do advocacy work, consultancy and event production for institutions dealing with children’s culture in Finland, supporting them in diversifying their programme. We work closely with libraries and cultural centers. We also want to enrich Finnish libraries’ stock of illustrated books for children, by e.g.: increasing the amount of titles available in Spanish and Portuguese languages.

Panel: Stories in the Making: Children books and illustrations (2018) Annantalo

3. Platform and Exchange Program for Professional Artists

We promote artists with different backgrounds and origins interested in sharing their work with a multicultural, plurilingual and intergenerational family audience. We facilitate an exchange program between local, multicultural and international artists working around children’s culture. Our most successful activities involve exchanges with writers, illustrators, and graphic designers in the field of children’s literature.

2016 Isol Misenta (ARG)

2017 Isidro Ferrer (ESP)

2018 Yara Kono (BRA/PO)

3. Supporting plurilingual families

We are interested in plurilinguism and diversity from many angles. Our work supports immigrant and locals raising plurilingual children.

5. Information Sharing and dissemination for the Ibero American community in Finland:

Our work supports immigrants and locals raising plurilingual children. Amongst other things we organize:

Biennial seminars:

A calendar of cultural activities happening in Finland (relevant for bilingual families Spanish and Portuguese)

We also do advocacy and conduct projects to strengthen Ibero-American culture in Finland, working closely with other local associations that share our goals.

  • Latin America in Finland (2018): A pilot project funded by MoniHelli (STEA) that aims to increase cooperation with other associations that are working to strengthen Latin American Culture in Finland. Our partners are Askelten Palo ry (Pasos de Fuego) y Aurinko Musikki ry (Aurinko Música de Latino America)