Become a member in Kulttuurikeskus Ninho ry

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Full individual members: 15€ / year.

Can participate in the annual meetings and propose personal projects to the Kulttuurikeskus  Ninho Association.

Members have priority in those activities that need enrollment, they also have the opportunity to participate in Ibero-American children’s culture items raffles.

 Support members: 50 €/ year.

Can propose personal projects to the Kulttuurikeskus Ninho Association and get first hand information and access to our networks.

Support enterprise members: 150 €/ year.

First hand information and access to our networks and visibility in Kolibrí’s program and web site.

Thanks for being part of Ninho ry

Gracias por ser parte de Ninho ry.

Obrigado por fazer parte de Ninho ry.

Dreaming and creating Kolibrí Festival and other activities depend on your support.

You can make the difference!

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