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Join the Ninho community and develop a more multicultural and plurilingual children’s culture in Finland

With your membership you will…

Foster Cultural Engagement

Create spaces where children can engage with and enjoy their diverse cultures, and the beauty and richness of multiculturalism and plurilingualism.  

Support Family Activities

Support all families in Finland who value and enjoy spending high quality time together, learning about, and experiencing different cultures. 

Create Job Opportunities

Create work internships and opportunities for locals and immigrants, helping them be active participants of Finnish society and energizing the culture sector.  

Promote Newcomer Creators

Maintain projects that allow creators with different backgrounds, origins and abilities showcase their proposals, creating a more inclusive Finnish children’s cultural sector.  

Your support is more important than ever!

Government budget cuts in the cultural sector threaten the continuity of projects such as Kolibrí Festivaali. Dreaming and creating Kolibrí Festivaali and other activities depend on your support. With your membership, you can help us keep our cultural events alive and free of charge. Because we believe that culture is a right, not a luxury, we work to make culture accessible to everyone, from small ages. 

Choose your membership and start making a difference today!

Join our community, participate in the annual meetings and propose projects.

You’ll have priority in those activities that need enrollment, and participate in Ibero-American children’s culture items raffles.

For those who can support Ninho with a bit more of money.

You’ll have all the benefits included in the Individual Membership, plus additional first hand information, and access to the association’s networks.

A membership thought specially for other organisations and companies.

Join the Ninho community, participate in the anual meetings, propose projects, have access to our networks and get visibility in our channels.

More than 80 events per year

  • Just during 2023, over 4,000 attendees enjoyed free cultural activities, including art workshops, storytelling, concerts, panels, seminars, theatre, and much more!
  • Nearly 60 artists, researchers, social workers, and various creators had the opportunity to work and showcase their projects.
  • More than 30 institutions and organizations were involved.

You can help keep this work alive with your membership!

Be part of a community of amazing people

Verónica Miranda, Member of Ninho

“Our life in Finland was completely transformed after discovering Kolibrí. My husband and I immediately started to get involved, helping out wherever needed, and we met many wonderful people. Our children made friends who are now like family to them, like their cousins here”. 

Eurídice Hernández, Member of Ninho

“Ninho makes Helsinki a great city to live in. The association provides a safe space for people to be themselves. Kolibrí Festivaali, and the sense of community it offers, helped me become a member”. 

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Thanks for being part of Ninho ry

Gracias por ser parte de Ninho ry.

Obrigado por fazer parte de Ninho ry.

Dreaming and creating Kolibrí Festival and other activities depend on your support.

You can make the difference!

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